Increasing Affiliate Marketing Revenue With More Traffic


Now that I’ve made a start on Affiliate Marketing, the next step is to dive into how revenue is created and how to increase it. First we will need to determine which factors account in creating revenue. In my previous blog post I have found that these factors are:

  1. Traffic;
  2. Click Rate;
  3. Conversion Rate;
  4. Average Purchase Price;
  5. Commission.

Now let’s look into one of these factors, to see what we can do to improve. For now, we’re going to focus on traffic!


In order for people to be able to click on the affiliate links, they need to get over here first. But how do I get more visitors to read my blog?!

High Quality Content

In order for people to read my blog, the content needs to be appealing to them. They must feel the connection they have to my blog, and the urge to come back and read new posts. Now I believe that the potential market for people who want a passive income is really big, but – for example – not everyone owns a medium to start Affiliate Marketing. So I need different subjects to write blogs about, luckily I have my challenge list which I hope will have something for every reader.


People need to be able to find the content of my blog which means that I will need to make sure there are many different ways for people to reach me, and for me to reach out to them. Including, but not limited to;

  • Social Media;
  • Search results – Try searching Google for my blog, did you find me?
    Leave a comment with your search terms in order to help me get more readers, tips, suggestions and activity to this blog!
  • Back links – Connect with other blogs!
    Do you have, or know, another blog related to passive income or one of the subjects that I discuss on my blog? Let me know in the comments!

I believe there are many more ways for people to find me, let me know if I should dedicate a blog post to generating traffic for your blog. If there is enough interest, I will definitely do that.


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