Where to start Affiliate Marketing?

I’ve recently wrote a blog post about the basics of Affiliate Marketing, now it’s time to see what this brought me to. Which actually isn’t much, yet… let’s go through everything I’ve tried and experienced so far.

Amazon is accessible

I started my adventure by registering with ShareASale, a platform for Affiliate Marketing. After being denied by a couple of merchants (no reason given, probably because of the limited amount of readers of my blog?) I started looking around for different possibilities. This quickly brought me to Amazon Associates, even though it hasn’t earned me anything yet (2 clicks, whoop whoop!) it doesn’t restrict you on trying. After registering you can start promoting products which, if anyone buys a product through your referral link, earns you a certain percentage of commission.

Something entirely different

Apart from Affiliate Marketing in the form of sales, there’s also different ways of earning a passive income through referrals. Even though I’m not really sure if this belongs to this post or even passively making money in the first place – I really want to mention it to you. Here it comes… Day Trading. Some people see this as quick money, but it comes with a high risk. You can find more details and experiences about day trading on Marcello’s Day Trading Blog. One platform that I’ve actually used for day trading is Plus500 (or follow this link if you want to go to their download page immediately). I’ve actually made me money on Plus500, even though I think that was luck more than knowledge so I’m not doing it at the moment. If I ever start day trading again I will probably use their platform, it might not have the best rates (they charge a certain percentage of your trades – which is their income), I definitely think it’s the most user friendly platform.

Why is this related to Affiliate Marketing?

The reason I think the above fits within the Affiliate Marketing is because at Plus500 they also have their own Affiliate Program where you can direct people (readers, like you!). If people start day trading through your affiliate link that gives you a small percentage of the money Plus500 earns of them, and it doesn’t cost the trader extra, so that’s a win-win!

Results so far

Let’s summarize my Affiliate Marketing results so far:

ShareASale: No affiliate links yet
Amazon: 2 clicks, 0 purchases (0% conversion) for a total of $0
Plus500: Introduced in this post

Total: $0

I’ve read on several blogs that it can take weeks, months or even years to get this started properly – so I won’t have high expectations for the upcoming weeks. For now, let’s focus on getting people enthusiastic about my blog, sharing experiences and building a community. Leave your tips and tricks about Affiliate Marketing in the comments so I can try them out and report on them, thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Where to start Affiliate Marketing?

    • That’s great to hear, glad I could help! I’m currently not doing so much with Affiliate Marketing yet, so if you get ahead of me, be sure to post your own tips & tricks. Or maybe even write a blog post about it, I’ll be happy to link to it!


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