The Passive Income Challenge

Hi there, and welcome to my very first blogpost! I’m writing this blog primarily as a motivator and to meet new people who can both keep me to my challenge and maybe even try the same themselves.

Before I started this blog, I was comparing different blog platforms and hosting parties. After reviewing several hosting plans I settled with WordPress. Most of the hosts that I checked have free (YAY!) plans so feel free to try several platforms out before committing to one of them! Feel free to leave a comment about why you chose your blogging platform.

Goal: Maintain my current lifestyle without having to actively* work to earn income.

I’m quite new to the whole passive income idea, and even though I have some basic investing knowlegde and experience, I’ll start from the beginning and track everything here for you to see how I did it. I will be creating a list of many ways to earn an income and I will select some of them for myself to try out as challenges. As I will try to complete these challenges, I will tag them so you can easily find the progress and status for each challenge… I guess. I’m still new to blogging, so I hope it will become clearer once I have made a few posts.

The reason I’m going for multiple challenges is because I don’t know which way of earning a passive income will work for me. I believe all possibilities have pros and cons, and I want to try out many ideas to find out which suits me best. Also, by tracking all of these challenges on my blog, I hope to get people engaged. Maybe you want to check out this E-Book on how to start blogging and make money online.

Note: to read E-Books you need an application. Kindle is a free online E-Reader!

Well, here we go then… wish me luck!

* Most ways of passive income still require some work now and then. What I mean by “without having to actively work” is not requiring the direct time to money conversion that usual jobs have.

3 thoughts on “The Passive Income Challenge

  1. Sounds like we are starting this journey right about the same time! We have very similar goals and I’m excited to be following you from the start!

    Let’s do this!


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