Daisy Dash – Hello World

I haven’t written about it yet, but for the last months I’ve been working on a project called Daisy Dash. It’s a wall-mounted dashboard to use at home which displays all the information you need at that specific moment.

It’s designed to be “smart” in a way that it provides you with the information that you need most at any given time. You can think about the following aspects:

  • Weather alarms, for when a storm is coming;
  • Traffic updates just before you are planning to leave to your appointment;
  • A calendar overview for you and your spouse, merged together;
  • Your most beautiful pictures – come on, you always want to see those 😉
  • Both local and world wide news headlines;
  • Alerts about the quality of your WiFi network;

And I’m still collecting ideas for what else to make. Note that not all of these features are implemented yet, but they are on my to-do list.

You can follow my progress at the newly created Daisy Dash Facebook page (currently in Dutch, but as more people start following and liking the page I’ll continue bilingual).